Sunkissed! When golden rays of the morning sun strike your face; the yellow-orange aura
almost blinds you but at the very moment the happiness that fills your heart ignites a
lifelong spark. The warmth, the subtle singe of the sun rays lift the floating emotions of the
night to a new high.

Sunshine! That’s what he used to call her. Her smile had the same effect on him. The wide
curve of her face used to irradiate the darkest corners of his persona. There was unusually
positive vibe about her. Some called it her frisky nature but there was more to it that he
could feel.

Years ago they crashed into each other at a design class; it wasn’t by accident. He was
unusually odd & she was liveliest in the studio. Both exactly the opposites. Somewhere in
the span; stretched over a few years & thousands of heartbeats; they both knew that they
share a beautiful yet unexplainable bond. Cloaked in friendship, painted in excuses; they
both knew how valuable possession they share. An unnamed connection, an entity build over
perplexed emotions & concealed thoughts. Their untitled bond never fails; instead with time
it has matured into something unexplainably beautiful.

He was a masterful illusionist of thoughts; she was a phoenix in disguise. Both failed &
tormented in previous lives; yet both survived; away from one another, only to reunite. She
admired his lexical tricks; he loved her vibrant persona. Every time they meet, their
conversations went deeper than spoken words. Their dialogues constructed a lyrical
narrative. A narrative that stretches over lengths that no script could hold or no ink could

S.N.Hussain – 10th, May, 2016

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