This city was once a paradise. With all its miracles lost. Dust, delusion and despair surround this place we once called “home” and now all it feeds on dog carcasses and drug addicts, strangled in sewers. Desperate beggers and clapping trannies asking for money on every street. This city; it dreams of growing up & living a charming life and that very same night it tastes defeat; torn into pieces. Death once lingered on its streets and now life barely breathes. Human life’s long lost value has been torn into shreds. Paramilitary troops cover every entry & exit. Every common man has the word fugitive written over his forehead. But this city it amazes me; it breaths out with its throat choked and its mouth closed. It lives to tell people it’s story of being threatened, harassed, mugged, robbed and raped.

Of all its possessions and dignity lost; this city shines like a star. Floating in a galaxy unknown. This city it’s a muse to many, and a whore to many more. Years passed; some claimed it as their property, others as their blood except for the its own children; who could never claim it as their “mother”.

Thousands of people deprived of life now consume the remains of this town. People from outskirts have marched in to the territory that once belonged to us. The air; it feels infected with obnoxious thoughts that came from rotting minds of the outsiders who now rule the streets. Every man feels hungry for flesh of another human. Yet we are surviving; one way or the other….

To be continued….