The White Bench

Do you remember this bench? Remember how we gathered around it. The countless memories we made and the silly games we played. Do you remember how that time felt? How this place felt? The warmth of the sun, pushing us closer to one another in the grey shade. Do you remember the songs we played and the drawings we made? Standing here today; It’s all the same. The roman Tuscan pillars, The whitewashed walls, the narrow marble stairs, the patchy grass lawn. It’s all present; as it was. What’s missing are the voices that filled up the halls. The scents that lingered all day long. I recall the laughs and rants and seek you in the brightness of it all.

I turn my head to look for you on the red pavement blocks only to find them empty. Only to see myself walking misty-eyed in the midst of it all. I gaze at every face for a little too long; to make sure I am not imagining what is long gone. Today we are continents apart. Living our lives but I am here again divided in between the present and the past. Crafting a piece of work from a photo. From memories that will ever last. We may have been the closest or we may never have gotten along. Let the truth be told; I dearly miss you all.

Do you remember this bench? Remember how gathered around it. The hundreds of photographs we took; the films we use to shoot. The recordings and the scripts, the stories and the lists. Do you remember the rain? The grey skies that made us all insane. It’s all the same; yet what is missing is you. All of you now gone but the bittersweet of it all is that I refuse to say farewell, I refuse to say so long! I refuse to move on. I wish you all were here one more time for one more hug and one more song.

18th, February 2018

Syed Naveed Hussain